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Art & RAW Talent: Call for Artists & Makers

Are you an emerging artist? Whether self-taught, fresh out of university or just getting back to your creative life after a break away, art&'s RAW Talent mentoring program is a great opportunity to launch your creative career. On offer is a subsidised space at the show in October 2018, along with 6 months mentoring, support and advice. Could this be for you? 

10 months ago, over 30 emerging artists were interviewed, shortlisted from over 60 applicants. A total of 12 talented artists were selected from across a wide range of art-forms to receive a stand at the show, plus mentoring and support in cohesive collection, stand design, pricing, presentation, promotion and business. Featured here are the first 6, to tell you more about their journey. 

Angus Vasili

When art& first met Angus, he was tailoring his work towards what he thought would sell, rather than following his true passion and creating work he really loved. After one-to-one and group mentoring, he had the confidence to create what he feels excited by and we are delighted at the success that he is enjoying. Angus says, "The art& RAW Talent program has been invaluable to me. After leaving university I felt overwhelmed and confused what my next step should be. I found myself creating financially driven artwork, no longer using the same process and techniques that were so successful for me at university. Mentoring helped me re-evaluate what is important to my practice and what motivates me to make art. The key thing I will carry forward from this is creative direction."

Rosemary McGarr

As a retired ex-teacher, Rosemary has studied with various ceramic artists including David Roberts and was ready to bring her work to a greater audience. She benefitted from mentoring that was tailored to her specific needs including cohesive collection of work, direction, presentation and practicalities of taking part in retail shows. "RAW Talent has encouraged me to expand and extend my work, and has given the opportunity for it to be seen by a wider audience."

Ralph Shuttleworth

At interview, Ralph was 17 years old and at 6th form college. He has a natural talent for woodturning and struggled with how to display and value his work, and wanted to get it out into the wider world. With art&'s help and encouragement, Ralph is now seeing his work as unique pieces of sculpture and is producing beautiful unique artworks. He says, "The whole experience has been extremely valuable for me starting out in the professional art world. The mentoring has given me increased confidence in both creating and selling my work. It has been a fantastic journey from start to finish, and has progressed me as an artist significantly, to where I can now go forward with lots of new knowledge and experience in all aspects of becoming a professional artist."

Tori Tipton 

Tori is a self-taught painter who felt isolated from artists in her general life. Tori really benefited from connecting with the RAW Talent group as she began her new career. One of her goals was to improve her presentation which she achieved and demonstrated by winning "Best Presented Stand" award at art&York 2017. "Being selected for RAW Talent has been an amazing experience from start to finish. Without a doubt it has helped me progress my career as an artist by giving me the knowledge and support that I would have struggled to find elsewhere. The mentors' expertise has given me the confidence to embark on a creative journey that I could only ever dream about before and being part of this program has turned my dreams into reality."

Jessica Grady

Jessica came to art& as a recent graduate who felt she was falling into the trap of making cheap pieces to sell and making very little in return. The programme gave her focus and direction, and she is now already running workshops bringing in a new income. She also created an entirely new body of work for art&York 2017. Jessica says, "Being a part of the RAW Talent programme has given me so much more confidence in my own practice as an artist. I now feel like a have a strong focus and plan for the future that will allow me to continue to develop my creative practice."


At 22 years old, Abigail & Chloe, otherwise known as Buttercrumble, were already running a successful design and branding business. They needed guidance and direction on what they really wanted to do. Buttercrumble created a live illustration at art&York 2017 and also gave a short talk on branding for their fellow RAW Talent artists. They say, "For us, art& RAW Talent, has been an amazing opportunity and catalyst for success. The support has allowed us to gain focus in our practice and direct us towards what we truly love to do."

Art& have really loved working with the 2017 RAW Talent artists and are now looking for their next group. Would you benefit from launching your creative career as part of a group receiving mentoring and support? If so applications for RAW Talent 2018 are now LIVE.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Saturday, 3rd February, 2018. Shortlisted applications will be interviewed on Sunday 18th and Monday 19th of February, 2018. Final decisions will be announced on Wednesday, 28th February, 2018.

For more information and eligibility criteria, visit: